One-Way Flights

We frequently offer one-way flights to/from the Chicago and Florida areas. Taking advantage of our one-ways can save you thousands off a round trip price. If your schedule is flexible and you see a flight you can use, please contact us for an all-inclusive quote.

Confirmed One-Way Flights
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One-Way Request Board
Let Us Put Together A Trip For You

We receive many requests for one-way flights to and from the Chicago area. Below is a list of potential one-ways available. They are not confirmed trips at this time. Please contact VAS, Inc. for a quote or more information.

  • CALL 847.468.7473 TO ADD YOUR TRIP!

Need a one-way on a different date or to another destination? Contact us with your trip details and we will add your flight to our One-Way Request Board.

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One-way trips are subject to availability and are non-cancelable once confirmed. In most cases, there is flexibility with the date, departure and destination. You do not always have to depart or arrive at the location noted in order to take advantage of these special offers. We will reposition to accommodate your travel plans.

What is a one-way?
A one-way flight is a leg of a flight (either going to or from a destination) where the jet is flying empty after we have flown a client in one direction.