Any Aircraft. Any Size.

As a member of a network of quality charter aircraft operators dedicated to safety and excellence, Valley Air Service, Inc. has access to nearly any size aircraft for any type of travel program. Large or small, one passenger or 100, allow us to serve you with all of your air charter needs.

Light Jet

Light Jet DuPage Airport Jet Charter, Palwaukee Private Jet, Palwaukee Jet Charter, O'Hare Jet Charter, O'Hare Private Jet, DPA Jet, PWK Jet, ORD Jet

Passengers: Up to 5 - 7 people
Speed: 380 - 490 mph
Ideal for 2 - 3 hour trips

Mid/Super-Mid Jet

Mid/Super-Mid DuPage Airport Private Jet Charter, Aurora Private Jet, Aurora Airport Jet Charter, ARR Jet, Schaumburg Private Jet, Schaumburg Jet Charter

Passengers: Up to 6 - 8 people
Speed: 420 - 600 mph
Ideal for 3 - 8 hour trips

Heavy Jet

Heavy Jet DuPage Airport Private Plane, Waukegan Airport Jet Charter, Waukegan Private Jet, UGN Jet, Romeoville Private Jet, Romeoville Jet Charter, Joliet Private Jet, Joliet Jet Charter, LOT Jet

Passengers: Up to 11 - 12 people
Speed: 460 - 600 mph
Ideal for 6 - 10 hour trips

Turbo Prop

Turbo Prop DuPage Airport airplane charter, Midway Jet Charter, Midway Private Jet, MDW Jet, Lake In The Hills Private Jet, Lake In The Hills Jet Charter, 3CK Jet

Passengers: Up to 5 - 7
Speed:  310 - 350 mph
Ideal for 1 - 3 hour trips

*Please note that all aircraft are configured differently. Some may hold more or fewer passengers than noted. Speed and range is approximate due to weather, winds, number of passengers and other factors.

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