A Foundation of Safety

When you fly with Valley Air Service, Inc., you can feel confident we are committed to the highest levels of safety and security. In fact, passenger safety is the guiding principle in everything that we do. Established in 1994, VAS, Inc. has maintained an unblemished safety record since its inception and remains a standout among competitors in the Chicago area. In accordance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), VAS, Inc. has established one of the most stringent security practices in the charter industry. Our aircraft are meticulously maintained and proactively monitored to ensure complete compliance that often exceeds the industry standards.

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  • Safety Rating: We hold an ARGUS Gold Rating (Aviation Research Group U.S.). A company that is ARGUS rated meets or exceeds the established standards of this independent safety audit firm. A rating is awarded based on background checks on crew/aircraft, as well as an analysis of all the historical safety data collected on the operator’s FAA Certificate, aircraft and pilots.
  • Training: Our pilots receive bi-annual (Captains) and annual (First Officers) full-motion simulator training at FlightSafety International.
  • Pilots: We employ type-rated pilots who train in the specific aircraft they fly and are ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rated. They are trained in CPR, First Aid and AED for both adults and children. Prior to employment, they undergo extensive background checks and are routinely drug and alcohol tested.
  • Compliance: All aircraft are operated under FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) Part 135 Certificates issued by the FAA.
  • Aircraft Security: Only VAS, Inc. crew and carefully screened contractors are allowed access to the aircraft we operate.
  • Passenger Verification: All charter passengers are required to present a government-issued photo ID for review by the crew prior to boarding. Passenger names will also be checked against the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) No-Fly List.
  • Flight Tracking: Our 24/7 support team of dispatchers track every leg of your trip. If complete privacy is your concern, we can employ a procedure to block the tail number of your flight, so no one but your VAS, Inc. dispatcher can see your aircraft.

What questions should you ask before you charter? Contact us for a comprehensive checklist and we'll email it to you!

Fly safely with Valley Air Service, Inc.